20Mar 2018

A- Star Photonics Inc., specializes in Projection Display Optical Elements, Crystals Material, Precision Optics & Optical Communication Components, is a high-tech enterprise integrated R&D, manufacturing and selling. Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company Main Products: F-theta Scan Lens,Beam Expanders,Focusing Lens,Mirror,Window beta-BaB2O4(BBO) Beta-BaB2O4 is a nonlinear optical crystal which combines a number of unique features. These features […]

23Jun 2017

We can supply any kinds of Nonlinear Crystal with most competitive price and high quality. The feature for Bbo Nonlinear Crystal : Broadphase-matchable range from 409.6 nm to 3500 nm; Widetransmission region from 190 nm to 3500 nm; Largeeffective coefficient for SHG is about 6 times greater than that of KDPcrystal; High damagethreshold of 10 […]

20May 2017

Optical Crystal Bk7 Spherical Glass Lens Specifications Material—fused silica? , BK7 FL tolerance–±0.5% Dimension tolerance–±0.05mm Thickness tolerance—±0.05mm Edge Thk.Variable(ETV)—≤0.02mm Clear Aperture–≥95% S/D—80/50~20/10 Flatness—lambda/[email protected] Centrality—≤3′ Dimension—φ3.00~50.80mm(convex,concave,prism) Manufacturer of Optical Crystal Bk7 Spherical Glass Lens

15May 2017

CaF2 ? Fused Silica?is commonly used for applications requiring high transmission in the infrared and ultraviolet spectral ranges. Its extremely high laser damage threshold makes it useful for use with excimer lasers. CaF2? exhibits a low refractive index, varying from 1.35 to 1.51 within its usage range of 180 nm to 8.0 μm. Calcium fluoride […]

30Apr 2017

Lithium Triborate Crystal Specifications Lithium Triborate Crystal?broad transparency range from 160 nm to 2600 nm. broad transparency range from 160 nm to 2600 nm. high optical homogeneity (δn 10-6/cm) and being free of inclusion. relatively large effective SHG coefficient (about three times that of KDP). high damage threshold (18.9 GW/cm2 for a 1.3ns laser at […]

28Apr 2017

A-Star’s LBO crystals A-Star’s NLO Crystals (Nonlinear Crystals) include LBO Crystal, ,bbo crystal,LiNbO3 Crystal, MgO:LiNbO3 Crystal,and ?KTA Crystal etc. A-Star collect especial carefully for the inside material quality and polish in quickest time. Large LBO crystal with size up to 10x10x30mm and maximum length of 35mm LBO CRYSTALS Features * Broad transparency range from 160nm […]

20Apr 2017

A-Star supplier Low Price BBO Crystal We are specialized in the production of various specifications of optical components according to the customers’ demand,? And we?are?committed our standard more than ten?years to offering our customers with excellent products, reasonable prices and high level of service. BBO Crystal /?beta-BaB2O4(BBO) Beta-BaB2O4 is a nonlinear optical crystal which combines […]

13Apr 2017

Cylindrical Lens Cylindrical lens are used to corrent astigmatism in the eye and in rangefindere, to produce astigmatism, tretching a point of light into a line, they are widely used in bar code scanning, projection optics systems, laser measurement systems and holography. Cylindrical lens are avaliable in either plano-concave configurations from Ruisen, plano-concave lens have […]

12Apr 2017

Top Quality Cylindrical Lens Cylindrical lenses are used to condense, focus or expand light in a single dimension. Typical applications include laser scanners, holography, optical information processing/computing, spectroscopy, dye lasers, and scanning confocal microscopy. We?are cylindrical lens professional factory which manufacture top quality cylindrical lens?and high quality-controlled to deliver guaranteed performance in a wide array […]

11Apr 2017

China A-Star optical lenses 1. Raw material of Optical lens: Pyrex, Optical glass. Crystal glass 2. Techniques of Optical lens: by Molding, Grinding, Polishing 3. Shape of Optical lens: Plano lens,bi convex lens,bi concave lens, ball lens,Spherial lens 4. Inside quality of Optical lens: clear and transparent, no mold marks, no inside bubble and dirts, […]

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