LBO Crystal Price

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Lithium Triborate (LiB3O5?or LBO) is nonlinear optical crystal.

LBO Crystal Price

LBO Crystal

LBO Crystal Price

LBO Crystal?Applications:
1. High power ND: YAG and ND: YLF lasers for R&D and military applications.
2. Ti: Sapphire, Alexandrite and Cr: LiSAF lasers.
3. Medical and industrial ND: YAG lasers.
4. Diode laser pumped ND: YVO4, ND: YAG and ND: YLF lasers.
5. Frequency-tripling (THG) of ND: YAG and ND: YLF lasers.
6. Optical parametric amplifiers (OPA) and oscillators (OPO) pumped by Excimer lasers and harmonics of ND: YAG lasers.
7. Frequency doubling (SHG) and tripling (THG) of high power ND: YAP laser at 1340nm.

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