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Plano-Concave Lens

Plano concave Lenses have one concave surface. It has negative focal length. It is often used to expand light or to increase focal length in existing systems.

Corner Cube Retroreflectors

Corner Cube Retroreflector has three mutually perpendicular surfaces and a hypotenuse face.

Glan Laser Polarizer

Glan Laser Polarizer is designed specifically for high energy laser. It is made of two same birefringence material prisms that are assembled with an air space. The polarizer with two escape windows allows ...


A-Star supplies high quality Ti:Sapphire(Ti3+:Al2O3) by the advanced growth method of Temperature Gradient Technique (TGT), Ti:Sapphire is an excellent substitute for dye lasers in many applications.


Er:YAG Laser rod for laser medicine and dentistry, Er: YAG is a kind of excellent 2.94 μm laser crystal, widely used in laser medical system and other fields. Er: YAG crystal laser is the most important material of 3nm laser, and the slope with high efficiency,

Right Angel Prism

Right Angle Prism is used as a mirror to deviate light through 90 degree, and also as a retroreflector to deflect light through 180 degree by total internal reflection

15Feb 2017

A-Star are the leading Potassium Titanyl Arsenate supplier for NLO crystal, We has been exported to all over the world. As one of KTP’s isomorphs, Potassium Titanyl Arsenate (KTiOAsO4 or KTA) is an excellent NLO crystal developed recently for NLO devices and OPO applications. Compared to KTP crystal, Potassium Titanyl Arsenate has stable chemical and […]

16Jan 2017
BBO Crystal Package

Buy bbo crystal China?A- Star Photonics, Inc.? offers a complete portfolio of nonlinear optical crystals: BBO, LBO, KTP, KDP, DKDP, LiIO3, LiNbO3, MgO:LiNbO3…etc. 1. A-Star To provide low-cost high-quality proofing services, business development to provide strong backing for you. 2. A-Star have advanced optical detection equipment and many years experience in test engineering staff, quality […]

01Mar 2017

Lithium Triborate LiB3O5 FOR SHG SHG (Second Harmonic Generation) LBO Crystal is phase matchable for the SHG and THG of Nd:YAG and Nd:YLF lasers, using either type I or type II interaction. For the SHG at room temperature, type I phase matching LBO can be reached and has the maximum effective SHG coefficient in the […]

02Apr 2017

A-Star’s etallic Coated Optical Mirrors Products Advantages: High Precision, High Quality Control, High Efficie High reflectvity on broadband Coatings are insensitive to the incident angle and polarization No pinhole with special techniques Great adhesion durability per MIL environmental experiment Metallic Coated Optical Mirrors Specifications: Material: Flused Silica,BK7,Pyrex Dimention range: Φ3mm-Φ200mm,3×3mm-200×200mm Tolerance:+0.0/-0.1mm Front Surface: Flatness:λ/4 Surface […]

01Apr 2017

China A-Star’s Optical Sapphire Windows Certification: RoHS, SGS, ISO9001 A-Star photonics inc.?has been a?leading supplier of optics and optical components to industry, designing and manufacturing a?wide array of multi-element filters, optical lenses,lens coatings, imaging systems, and prisms. A-Star is application focused and pursues new ways to implement optical technology, enabling advancements in optical components ?manufacturing, […]

23Feb 2017

A-Star Calcium Fluoride Price A-star’s?Calcium Fluoride? at very competitive price. If you want get?Caf2 (calcium fluoride) ?infomation please click this url (http://www.2426910.com/product-detail/caf2-window/ ),This page information will be more accurate! If you want get thecalcium fluoride price,please free send email to us! Calcium Fluoride lenses at very competitive price. Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) is commonly sold in […]

11Apr 2017

China A-Star optical lenses 1. Raw material of Optical lens: Pyrex, Optical glass. Crystal glass 2. Techniques of Optical lens: by Molding, Grinding, Polishing 3. Shape of Optical lens: Plano lens,bi convex lens,bi concave lens, ball lens,Spherial lens 4. Inside quality of Optical lens: clear and transparent, no mold marks, no inside bubble and dirts, […]

28Feb 2017

A-Star can produce Glan Talor Polarizer,Glan Laser Polarizer,Glan Thompson Polarizer,Wollaston Polarizer, Rochon Polarizer, Depolarizer For the detailed specifications please click?link:?http://www.2426910.com/product-showcase/polarizer/ Glan Thompson?Calcite Polarizer A-Star Glan-Thompson Calcite Polarizers provide high purity linear polarization for broadband sources or multiple laser wavelengths for lower power applications. A-Star Glan-Thompson Calcite Polarizers provide high purity linear polarization for broadband sources […]

27Feb 2017

A-Star 1/4 Wave Plate A-Star can produce: Low Order Waveplate, Zero Order Waveplate, Dual Wavelength Waveplate, Achromatic Waveplate. For the Low Order Waveplate, there are Low Order Waveplate and Multi-Order Waveplate. Wave plate using birefringent crystal materials, resulting in phase with the incident and the incident light to produce a phase difference of λ / […]

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