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BBO crystal is a nonlinear crystal(NLO crystal) with combination of number of unique features. A-Star Photonics is the original BBO crystals manufacturer who guaranteed 10 days rapid delivery for most dimensions.

BBO crystal

BBO crystal is a nonlinear crystal(NLO crystal) with combination of number of unique features. A-Star Photonics is the original BBO crystals manufacturer who guaranteed 10 days rapid delivery for most dimensions.

BBO Crystals Detail:

BBO Crystal, Beta-Barium Borate (β-BaB2O4,BBO) with charactors?Wide transparency and phase matching ranges,large nonlinear coefficient,?high damage threshold and excellent optical homogeneity provide attractive possibilities for various nonlinear optical applications.

A-Star manufacture many Type1 & Type2?BBO crystals for SHG/THG/FHG/5thHG of Nd:YAG Laser, SHG of Ti:Sapphire Laser,?SHG of Dye Lasers,?SHG of Ar+ Laser,?OPO/OPA and E-O application like 3x3x20mm3, 4x4x20mm3 with golden coating ,Z-Cut BBO crystals.

A-Star?also have many stock BBO crystals sales.

A-Star Photonics can make as thin as 0.005mm with 1mm FS substrate.

A-Star Photonics guaranteed 10 work days rapid delivery for most dimensions.

Pls. donot hesitate email or call us if you have any questions.We promisw you must satisfy our price and service!

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BBO Crystals Specifications:

Flank Size(W*H):1×1~25×25
Phase Matching Angle(θ,φ)Angel or according to customer request
Match Type:type I or type II
Angle Tolerance:Δθ<±0.2°; Δφ<±0.2°
Size Tolerance:(W ±0.1mm) x (H ±0.1mm) x (L +0.2mm/-0.1mm)
Flatness:<λ/8 @ 633nm
Smooth Finish:20/10
Wavefront Distortion:<λ/8 @ 633nm
Clear Aperture:> 90%
Coating:P-coating or according to customer request


Physical and Optical Properties:

Crystal Structuretrigonal, space group R3c
Cell Parametersa = b = 12.532A, c = 12.717A, Z = 6
Melting Point1095 +/-5°C
Transition Temperature925 +/-5°C
Optical HomogeneityD n ≈10 -6 /cm
Mohs Hardness4.5
Density3.85 g/cm 3
Absorption Coefficient< 0.1%/cm (at 1064 nm)
Hygroscopic Susceptibilitylow
Resistivity> 1011 ohm-cm
Relative Dielectric Constante T 11 / e 0 : 6.7, e T 33 /e 0 : 8.1 Tan d , < 0.001
Thermal Expansion Coefficients(in the range of 25℃- 900℃)a, 4 x 10 -6 /K
c, 36 x 10 -6 /K
Thermal Conductivity^ c, 1.2 W/m/K; ||c, 1.6 W/m/K
Phase-matchable SHG range205nm-1750nm
NLO coefficientsd 11 = 5.8 x d36(KDP) ,d 31 = 0.05 x d 11,d 22 < 0.05 x d 11
Electro-Optic Coefficientsg 11 = 2.7 pm/V, g 22 , g 31 < 0.1 g 11
Damage Threshold
at 1.064 mm
at 0.532 mm
5 GW/cm 2 (10 ns);
10 GW/cm 2 (1.3 ns)1 GW/cm 2 (10 ns);
7 GW/cm 2 (250 ps)
Transparency Range189 – 3500 nm
Refractive Indices
at 1.0642 μm
at 0.5321 μm
at 0.2660 μm
ne?= 1.5425, no?= 1.6551
ne?= 1.5555, no?= 1.6749
ne?= 1.6146, no?= 1.7571
Therm-Optic Coefficientsdno?/dT = – 9.3 x 10-6/℃
dne?/dT = -16.6 x 10 -6 /℃
Sellmeier Equations:no2?(λ) = 2.7359+0.01878/(λ 2 -0.01822)-0.01354 λ 2
ne2?(λ) = 2.3753+0.01224/(λ 2 -0.01667)-0.01516?lλ2

BBO crystals are nonlinear optical crystal, used as laser crystals, NOPA crystals or non collinear phase matching.

We are the manufacturer and supplier of BBO Crystal?in China, welcome to factory inspection .

Customized BBO Crystals?to your specification.
If you want get the Beta barium borate (BBO) crystals?price,please free send email to us!?

BBO Crystals
?is a nonlinear optical crystal which combines a number of unique features. These features include wide transparency and phase matching ranges, large nonlinear coefficient, high damage threshold and excellent optical homogeneity. Therefore, BBO provides an attractive solution for various nonlinear optical applications.

BBO crystals?is also an excellent electro-optic crystal for high power applications at the wavelength range from 200nm to 2500nm. It can be used for Q-Switching in a CW diode pumped Nd:YAG laser with average power>50W.

High Temperature form BBO ( a -BaB 2 O 4 ) is a negative uniaxial crystal. It has large birefringence over the broad transparent range from 189 nm to 3500 nm. The physical, chemical, thermal and optical properties of a-BBO crystals are similar to those of b-BBO. However, the nonlinear optical properties of a-BBO crystal is vanished due to the centric symmetry with its crystal structure. It is not recommended to use for NLO processes.
China BBO Crystals manufacturer in Fuzhou,china.
A-Star supplying Beta-Barium Borate (β-BaB2O4,BBO) ?crystal.

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Glan Thompson Polarizer

Thompson Polarizer Glan Thompson Polarizer is made of two α-BBO or calcite prisms cemented together. It has a wavelength from 200nm to 2300nm. α-BBO polarizer can be used from about 200nm to 1100nm, and calcite polarizer can be used from 350nm to 2300nm. This type polarizer has higher extinction ratio than air spaced polarizer. And it has the widest field angle of any design. For example, α-BBO Glan Thompson Polarizer has an angular field lager than 15 degree.

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