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Calcium Fluoride Lenses Circular Fluoride?Windows are applied to isolate different physical environments while allowing light pass. When selecting Optical windows,please consider materials, transmission, scattering, parallelism and resistance to certain environment. A-Star?Optics produce a wide range of optical lenses with the best grade materail of BK7,fused ?silica, ?sapphire, ?CaF2 ?and MgF2, other ?materials ( like Ge, […]

Calcium Fluoride Windows / Caf2 Windows manufacturer of custom Calcium Fluoride optical components for Ultraviolet and Infrared applications. Please visit our CaF2 windows catalog and CaF2 lenses catalog and buy cheaper than major optical catalogs price! We produce the following custom CaF2 optics: CaF2 lenses with any focal length; Calcium Fluoride windows up to 220mm […]

China Calcium Fluoride Supplier Calcium Fluoride is used for optical windows, drilled discs, lenses and prisms in transmision range 0.15-9μm. Degradation due to to moisture in the atmosphere is minimal, and polished surfaces of the CaF2 windows may be expected to withstand several years exposure to normal atmospheric conditions. Since they are nonaxial, CaF2 crystals […]

China Calcium Fluoride Windows Manufacturer If you want get the Calcium Fluoride Windows price,please free send email to us! A-Star manufactures from CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride) the following optics: blanks, windows, plates, polished domes, prisms, wedges and lenses. These products are used for infrared applications. CaF2 Window (Calcium Fluoride Window) is the most advantage product from […]

Fused Silica Optical Windows Manufacture Fused Silica Optical Windows, China A-Star wholesale and export Fused Silica Optical Windows,?Optical Windows, Thanks for your attention to us. A-Star?can supply any kinds of domestic granite with most competitive price and high quality. optical windows manufacturer, optical windows caf2,calcium fluoride windows A-STAR has developed a wide range of manufacturing […]

Calcium Fluoride – CaF2 Lenses We have own ?facility for Caf2 Lens. That is why we offer Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) lenses at very competitive price – up to 60% lower than major online optical catalogs! CaF2 is used for optical purposes as windows, prisms and lenses, transmitting from the vacuum ultraviolet into the infrared.?Caf2?is a […]

Caf2 crystals Windows from A- Star Photonics. Caf2 Crystals Optical Window, Caf2 Window manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) Optical Window, High Quality Optical Lenses, Bk7 Light Guide and so on. Calcium Fluoride: Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) exhibits good transmission properties from ~ 140nm Vacuum UV (VUV) to ~ 8.0um in the Infrared. […]

We are the manufacturer and supplier of Calcium fluoride windows in China, ?welcome to factory inspection . If you want buy Caf2 Windows please click this url,This page information will be more accurate! CaF2 Window Calcium Fluoride: Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) exhibits good transmission properties from ~ 140nm Vacuum UV (VUV) to ~ 8.0um in the […]

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