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Plano-Convex Lens Get more infomation of A-Star’s Plano-Convex Lens,please click down picture A plano-convex lens is compose of a plane and convex surfaces, has a positive focal length. It is suitable for collecting and focusing light, and is a ideal optical element in the application of emitters, detectors, lasers, and fiber optics. Plano-Convex Lens Specifications: […]

A-Star’s N-BK7 glass If you want buy N-BK7 Glass Windows please click this url ( http://www.2426910.com/product-detail/bk7-window/ ),This page information will be more accurate! If you want get the N-BK7 Glass price,please free send email to us! The BK7 window has good performance over visible and near IR spectrum for most application. N-BK7 glass is the […]

A-Star 1/4 Wave Plate A-Star can produce: Low Order Waveplate, Zero Order Waveplate, Dual Wavelength Waveplate, Achromatic Waveplate. For the Low Order Waveplate, there are Low Order Waveplate and Multi-Order Waveplate. Wave plate using birefringent crystal materials, resulting in phase with the incident and the incident light to produce a phase difference of λ / […]

We are the manufacturer and supplier of Optical Windows in China, welcome to factory inspection . We offer a wide variety optical windows and interferometer flats for common or very demanding interferometer measurements. Please see our Optical Window Guide for additional information. A-Star Photonics’ Windows include: CaF2 windows, MgF2 windows, Fused Silica windows (Corning 7980 […]

A-Star’s ?Fused Silica Precision Windows offer excellent transmission in the UV to NIR regions. A-Star supply the following Fused Silica optics: Fused Silica windows up to 250mm diameter; Fused Silica lenses with custom focal length; Fused Silica prisms and Fused Silica wedged windows; Fused Silica mirrors with Protected Aluminum or Protected Gold coating. Please send […]

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