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A) First, is the Nonlinear crystal transparent at the involved wavelengths and phase-matchable? B) If the answer is yes, then what’s the damage threshold, effective nonlinear coefficient and group velocity mismatch (for ultra fast laser)? C) Chose suitable crystal sizes according to your laser power and pulse width, then calculate conversion efficiency. D) Finally, balance […]

Optimum Optical Crystal Size When ordering a NLO?optical crystal, nonlinear optical crystal orientationand size have to be known. The orientation is solely determined by the nonlinear optical process. The nonlinear optical crystal size is divided into three dimensions noted as WxHXLmm3. The careful design of crystal size is important because the conversion effciency has direct […]

What is the Mark ?on the NLO crystal Surface: There is a dot mark on the NLO crystal which is the axis for angle tilting to achieve phase matching. Laser polarization should be parallel to the doted axis for type I or 45deg. for type II phase matching. If you are not sure of your […]

Nonlinear crystals Applications NLO Crystals is short for Nonlinear Crystals, means the crystals that can generate nonlinear optical effect from laser beam or electricity,magnetic field and strain field. NLO Crystals (Non-linear Optical Crystals) are used for extending the laser spectrum from deep UV to far IR by various harmonic generations (SHG, THG), sum frequency generations […]

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