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Plano-Concave Spherical Lens has a negative focal length and is typically used to cause a collimated beam to diverge as in a Galilean type beam expander or Telescope. Because the spherical aberration of the Plano-Concave is negative, it can be used to balance the aberration of other lenses.This lens is widely use in optical display […]

China A-Star optical lenses 1. Raw material of Optical lens: Pyrex, Optical glass. Crystal glass 2. Techniques of Optical lens: by Molding, Grinding, Polishing 3. Shape of Optical lens: Plano lens,bi convex lens,bi concave lens, ball lens,Spherial lens 4. Inside quality of Optical lens: clear and transparent, no mold marks, no inside bubble and dirts, […]

China A-Star’s Optical Glass Lens 1) Material: Optical glass ,Pyrex 3.3,Borosilicate glass 2) Techniques: by Molding, Grinding, Polishing 3) Quality : High surface quality and transimission 4) Lens series :plano concave lenses, double convex lenses,Plano Convex Lenses, Cylindrical lenses, Ball lens, Spherical lens, Aspheric lens, Meniscus lens. 5) Application : Lighting system and optics Fuzhou […]

Plano-concave Lenses have one concave surface. It has negative focal length. It is often used to expand light or to increase focal length in existing systems. With Ar Coating Fused Silica Plano Concave Optical Lens, ?Fused Silica Plano Concave Optical Lens,Plano Concave Optical Lens Fuzhou A-Star photonics inc. specialize in the design and volume manufacturing […]

A-Star’s plano concave lenses We can supply any kinds of Optics Lenses with most competitive price and high quality A-Star are the leading optics lenses supplier for?Plano Concave Lenses, We has been exported to all over the world. Plano Concave Lenses Plano-Concave Lenses are ideal for beam expansion, light projection, or for expanding an optical […]

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